Release 0.17.0

Official launch of The WordPress-based hosted e-commerce solution now offers fully customizable design thanks to an integrated CSS style editor. Besides, there are many new features: six languages​​, own background images, additional shipping options and a configuration tool for the legal pages.

Veröffentlicht am 19.06.2012

  • Feature Shop is now marketed under the brand ''. With the new slogan 'Design your store' custom shop design is now in focus. Thanks to our new CSS style editor it is now possible to perform a complete redesign of the shop within a short time. The style editor offers web designers and shop owners unlimited design possibilities. We have also given the admin interface and the maintenance page a whole new look. Our new super-attractive, ultra-short URL ( is an eye catcher for all your customers and really easy to remember.
  • Feature Language Options: The shop can now be operated in one of six languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Dutch.
  • Feature Own background Images: By popular request, it is now possible to upload and use own wallpapers. A comprehensive tool helps you positioning and adjusting the image..
  • Feature Additional shipping Options: Under 'Order Settings' it is now possible to activate the options 'Free shipping from' and 'Maximum Delivery Cost'. For maximum delivery costs 'summing up to a maximum value of' and 'highest single shipping cost' can be selected.
  • Feature Configuration of legal pages In this new setting area it is possible to create, edit and configure all legal pages in one place. Choose which legal pages to create and which must be accepted during the checkout process. Next to the checkout legal sites are used in in the footer and as PDF attachments to all order confirmation mails.
  • Bugfix Order status mass processing: Bugs in the mass processing engine enabling multiple order status changes are fixed.