Release 0.18.0

This release was mainly focussing on new legal requirements for onlineshops in Germany. The checkout process was redesigned to meet all these requirements, commonly referred to as 'Button Lösung' in Germany. These changes are relevant for all online merchants in the European Union as of 2013. Furthermore some minor bugs were fixed.

Veröffentlicht am 19.06.2012

  • Feature Extendend Consumer Rights in Germany ('Button-Lösung'): On 03.02.2012 the German Bundestag has adopted the so-called 'Button Lösung', which requires a redesign of the checkout process for all online shops in Germany. The law, which comes into force on 01.08.2012 and is mandatory for all EU countries as of 2013, specifies formal requirements for the design of the order process. The original directive of the European Union says: 'The trader shall ensure that the consumer, when placing his order, explicitly confirms that the order implies an obligation to pay. If placing an order entails activating a button or a similar function, the button or similar function shall be labelled in an easily legible manner only with the words ‘order with duty of payment’ or a corresponding unambiguous formulation indicating that placing the order entails an obligation to make a payment to the trader. If this subparagraph is not complied with, the consumer shall not be bound by the contract or order.' The necessary changes have been implemented with the latest update. A new field was included in the item edit window, where details for each product can be added and which are displayed in the final order overview. Further the name of the order button was changed.
  • Feature Dashboard A widget with additional information on trial purchases was added on the shop dashboard.
  • Bugfix Kible Design: The presentation of a single item's summary has been corrected.
  • Bugfix DTA-Export: When an own primary domain was activated, there were problems with the DTA file export.
  • Bugfix Widgets: Occasionally it happened that the text widget could not be removed after a single activation.